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The Romagnola or Italiana Goose
Italian Poultry breeds - Geese

Origin and economic characteristics

An Italian breed from Emilia Romagna (provinces Ravenna, Forlì, Bologna and Ferrara). It was first introduced at the World Exhibition of Aviculture in Barcellona in 1924 and on this occasion it seems it was named ‘the Roman Goose’ patriotically. It is also reared in the USA (with its own standard).
Its main characteristic was the high fertility (60-80 eggs a year, weighing 150 g minimum and the white eggshell). Not a very common breed.

Morphological characteristics

Mean weight:
- Male: 6-8 kg
- Female: 5-7 kg

White coat, large strong, high beak, of orange colour with nail-meat. Quite long orange claws. Blue eyes.

The Romagnola or Italiana GooseThe Romagnola or Italiana Goose (female)

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