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Germanata Veneta (Anas platyrhynchos)
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Origin and economic characteristics

Area of origin: Veneto, region of northern Italy.
The Germanata Veneta duck was derived from the Real German, and its coloration and form are unchanged. This breed is very rustic, and the female can be crossed with the Barberia duck to produce
fat liver for pate. The female of the Germanata Veneta duck produces 100 to 120 eggs per year, which is lower than that reported for the brown Tsaiya and Pekin ducks (Velez et al., 1996).
Age of sexual maturity (month): 6-8
Egg production: 100-120
Egg weight (g): 70
Egg colour: white

Morphological characteristics

Mean weight:
- Male: 3 kg
- Female: 2,7 kg

Color and form of the Real German.

Germanata Veneta Male of Germanata Veneta

Germanata Veneta Female of Germanata Veneta

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