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Italian Poultry breeds - Pigeons

Origin and economic characteristics

This breed was born in the province of Bergamo (Lombardia) in the nineteenth century, probably from crossings between indigenous doves and Polish ones, British type, in order to produce meat.
Today is an exhibition breed.

Morphological characteristics

Mean weight: 0,7 - 0,75 kg.

It is a compact muscular dove. What is characteristic of this breed is the contour line of the eyes that are large and round. The head is adorned with a shell-shaped tuft, which ends with two little roses on the sides and a mane on the neck. Various colours.

Bergamasco black Bergamasco black (photo Fabio Zambon)

Bergamasco white Bergamasco white (photo Fabio Zambon)

Bergamasco dark stone Bergamasco dark stone (photo Fabio Zambon)

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