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Mignon (Anas platyrhynchos)
Italian Poultry breeds - Ducks

Origin and economic characteristics

Area of origin: Veneto, region of northern Italy.

It is found in the southern and eastern part of the Veneto region and is very rustic. Egg production by the Mignon breed is not very important (50 to 70 eggs per year), but this light duck is used for meat production.
Age of sexual maturity (month): 7-8
Egg production: 50-70
Egg weight (g): 45-50
Egg colour: white

Morphological characteristics

Mean weight: 0,8 kg

The Mignon is a small white duck with yellow legs, beak and skin.

Mignon Mignon ducks (photo VenetoAgricoltura)

Mignon ducks Mignon ducks

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