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Ermellinato di Rovigo
Italian Poultry breeds - Turkeys

Origin and economic characteristics

Area of origin: Veneto, region of northern Italy.

The Ermellinato di Rovigo turkey was derived from a mutation in the offspring of crosses of local birds to the American Narraganset breed in 1958 and was then selected for increased performance. The Ermellinato di Rovigo is very rustic and well suited to pasture production.
Age of sexual maturity (month): 7
Egg production: 70-100
Egg weight (g): 70-80
Egg colour: White – Rose

Morphological characteristics

Mean weight:
- Male: 10-12 kg
- Female: 4-6 kg

This breed is of medium size and is early feathering.

Ermellinato di Rovigo Ermellinato di Rovigo turkey

Ermellinato di Rovigo turkey Ermellinato di Rovigo turkey (Veneto Agricultural Agency)

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