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Comune Bronzato - Common Bronze Turkey
Italian Poultry breeds - Turkeys

Origin and economic characteristics

Area of origin: Veneto, region of northern Italy.

Females of this breed can produce 4 to 5 broods at a time, remaining on the nest for more than 100 days.
Age of sexual maturity (month): 7
Egg production: 70-100
Egg weight (g): 70-85
Egg colour: White – Rose

Morphological characteristics

Mean weight:
- Male: 6-7 kg
- Female: 3-3,5 kg

The Comune Bronzato turkey is a small breed. The breast, neck, shoulders, and rump are black with rainbow reflexes. Young turkeys have a dark brown tarsus, but the tarsus of adult birds ranges from red to violet.

Comune Bronzato Male of Comune Bronzato

Comune Bronzato Female and male of Comune bronzata

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