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Paonata or Violetta
Italian Poultry breeds - Guinea Fowl

Origin and economic characteristics

Paonata guinea fowl (or Violet) is a standard breed from Veneto. It is so called because of its rough resemblance in the colour with the female of the peacock. The first writings about this breed date back to the end of ‘800. Very rustic and very good at pasture. Not very common.

Morphological characteristics

Mean weight:
- Male: 1,8 - 1,9 kg
- Female: 1,9 - 2,1 kg

Black violet plumage; the main character is about the almost complete absence of pearly spots; they are present only along the sides and under the tail (small and very few), in the scapular and secondary feathers. The small ones on the wings have a more intense violet. Grey-black tarsus.

Guinea Fowl - Paonata or Violetta Guinea Fowl - Paonata or Violetta

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