Italians breeds

Valfortorina (Goat of Benevento, Bastarda)
Italian breeds of goats

Origin and diffusion

Main location: Province of Benevento (Campania Region), southern Italy.
Composite of local breeds and Maltese, Garganica and Alpine.
The animals are well adapted to their arid hilly environment.

Morphological and economic characteristics

Size: medium-large
Height at the withers:
- Male: 85 cm
- Female: 75 cm
- Male: 70 kg
- Female: 60 kg

Coat colour: multicoloured (red, white).
Main use: milk and meat.

Valfortorina Valfortorina or Goat of Benevento (photo

Valfortorina Valfortorina or Goat of Benevento (photo CNR)

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