Italians breeds

Italian breeds of goats

Origin and diffusion

The distant origins of this breed are situated in the middle-eastern Mediterranean regions. It was selected in Italy and is bred in Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria, Basilicata, Apulia and in the province of Latina (Latium).
It is one of the most common breeds in Italy.

Morphological and economic characteristics

Height at the withers:
- Male: 87 cm
- Female: 55-60 cm
- Male: 70 kg
- Female: 46 kg

The coat is mainly white but possibly black pied. The head has some raven-black spots of different sizes. The hair is usually long and white-rosy skin. Distinctly a dairy breed.

Maltese Goat Maltese

Maltese Goats Maltese (photo di Salvatore Pipia / ISZS)

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