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Frontalasca or Frisa Valtellinese
Italian breeds of goats

Origin and diffusion

The Frontalasca breed (or Frisa Valtellinese) comes from Frontale in Val Rezzalo (Alta Valtellina, Province of Sondrio – Lombardia). It is similar to the Swiss Grigionese breed, it is reared in Valtellina valley, Val Malenco, Val Masino, Valchiavenna).

Morphological and economic characteristics

Height at the withers:
- Female: 79-82 cm
- Female: 65-70 kg

Black coat with characteristic white steaks at the sides of the head, bosom, sub-caudal area and at the limbs toes. Medium length thick shiny hair; long sabre-shaped horns. A dairy breed, it is reared for meat as well. A typical by-product is “Viulìn de càvra de Ciavéna” from salted spiced thigh and shoulder, aged for 2-3 months.

Frontalasca  or Frisa Valtellinese Frontalasca or Frisa Valtellinese

Provincia de Sondrio

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