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Pedula della Valtellina
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Origin and diffusion

The origin of this breed is unknown; it is spread in Medium-High Valtellina, Valmalenco and Valchiavenna (province of Sondrio - Lombardia). It has a lot of morphological features similar to Alpina Comune. Gentle temperament.

Morphological and economic characteristics

Size: medium-large

The coat is made up of short thick beige hair shading to grey and peculiar black streaks on the head and on the toes, in the sub-caudal area and on the breastbone. About Pedula breed there are two types: the classical type with black chamois shades and a second type (Mogna) with white or whitish shades. Sabre-shaped horns are present in both sexes. A dairy breed.

Pedula Pedula (photo

Pedula The Pedula goat (photo Luigi Brambilla

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