Italians breeds

Italian breeds of goats

Origin and diffusion

The Sarda is a breed of goat from the Sardinia which originated as a cross between various breeds (especially maltese) introduced to the Italian island.
The breed is adapted to the local environment (hills, where arid soils are predominant).

Morphological and economic characteristics

Size: medium
Height at the withers:
- Male: 78 cm
- Female: 70 cm
- Male: 60 kg
- Female: 45 kg

They are long-necked and deep-chested and the does have well-developed udders. The annual milk yield of 160–225 litres is not high, but the breed is particularly hardy and well suited to being raised in a wild or semi-wild state in tough conditions.

Sarda Sarda

Sarda Male of Sarda (photo CNR)

Sarda Primitiva

Some exemplary of this ancient race are raised near the ConSDABI (Consortium for Experimentation, Divulgation and Application of Innovative Biotechniques), Circello, Benevento.

Sarda Primitiva Sarda Primitiva (photo CONSDABI)

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