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Origin and economic characteristics

The Piacentino (Grosso di Piacenza or Mondano Piacentino) is a breed dating back to the 19th century, very common in the province of Piacenza (Emilia Romagna).

Morphological characteristics

Mean weight: 0,7 - 0,80 kg.

Length (from beak to the end of the tail): 34-36 cm.
A strong but not stocky body, as horizontal as possible.
Black eyes in the white mantle, red orange in the other mantles. The eyelids are bright red, the beak is flesh-coloured in white examples, light brown in the others with white smooth caruncles. Smooth elegant head. Bright red tarsus.
Colors: white, black, red and yellow.

Piacentino white Piacentino white (photo

Piacentino white (photo

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