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Italian Poultry breeds (pigeons, ducks, goose, guinea fowl, turkeys)


This site is a place of study and rigorous information that responds to the needs of those wishing to learn and understand. This section is devoted to Italian chicken breeds. Mariapia Ciaghi dealt with translations.
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There are various bird associations in Italy, belonging to FIAV (Italian Federation of Poultry Associations), these promote awareness and understanding of birds, their habitats and correct methods for breeding ornamental and exhibition birds of new breeds and/or colours.

The raising of so-called “minor” poultry (duck, goose, guinea fowl and turkey) has always been very widespread in Italy, particularly in the north. FIAV - Italian Federation of Poultry Associations - has improving, safeguarding and developing the national production of poultry as its primary aim with special attention to Italian breeds that are in danger of extinction. FIAV is associated with "Entente Européenne d'Aviculture et de Cuniculture", a body that reunites the Federations in European States.
The pigeon (Columba livia) has been raised in Italy since ancient times: near some Etruscan towns in Tuscany it is still possible to see large colombariums (pigeoncotes) which were used by this ancient people (VIII century B.C.) to raise pigeons.
The FIAC - Italian Pigeon Breeders Association - has as its aim the development of general selective pigeon breeding and particularly Italian breeds.

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