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Italian Poultry breeds - Guinea Fowl

Origin and economic characteristics

Area of origin: Veneto, region of northern Italy.

The Camosciata guinea fowl was developed in 1922.
Age of sexual maturity (month): 7-9
Egg production: 100-120
Egg weight (g): 45
Egg colour: Reddish

Morphological characteristics

Mean weight:
- Male: 1,8 kg
- Female: 1,8-2,0 kg

The neck and throat skin are blackish, the pens are white with pearl stains, and the tarsus coloration varies from orange to grey. The Camosciata breed is small and at maturity, females are usually larger than the males.

Guinea Fowl - Camosciata Guinea Fowl - Camosciata

Camosciata guinea fowl Camosciata guinea fowl (Veneto Agricultural Agency)

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