Italians breeds

Italian breeds of chickens

This site is a place of study and rigorous information that responds to the needs of those wishing to learn and understand. This section is devoted to Italian chicken breeds. Mariapia Ciaghi dealt with translations.
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Interest among farmers in some of these breeds is on the increase.


Italy may be considered as the area through which the chicken spread throughout Europe after its arrival from the East, particularly Greece. The ancient Romans were the first Europeans to breed poultry (chicken, goose, duck, etc.). The Latin writers Varro, Pliny and Columella often refer to chicken breeding, making particular reference to the techniques and economically important breeds of the time. It is widely believed that some chicken breeds previously thought to have originated in Spain, Austria, Hungary and Germany are the result of crosses between chickens commonly bred locally and breeds from Italy. This theory would be confirmed by the very frequent relations that existed with the Roman Empire.


Italian breeds of chickens

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