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The Siciliano
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Origins and aptitudes

This is an Italian breed, originally from eastern Sicily.
We should really refer to it as a breed of horse with a definite oriental stamp, rather than as a pure and distinct breed.
In fact, we can individuate two distinct ethnic groups: that originating from the eastern parts of the island (Catania, Siracuse and Ragusa) has more distinctly dolichomorphic characteristics, while the group from the interior is more mesomorphic in form. The latter also has more of a tendency towards deformed or irregular characteristics.
It is a saddle-horse, used for riding in the countryside, or for jumping. In the past it was used to pull carriages, or as a working horse.
It is tough, powerful and tenacious.


Height at the withers: approximately 150 - 155 cm
Weight: 450 - 500 kg


The Siciliano The Siciliano (photo

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