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Origins and aptitudes

The area of Felix Campania (“Happy Plain”), extending from Volturno to Sarno, covers what is nowadays part of the provincial territory of Naples and Caserta. Because of its unique climate and geography, it has long been an ideal location for raising horses. Indeed, the Etruscans chose this place as their centre for horse-breeding, established near the Greek settlements on the Flegrean coast. Later, it was here, in the Capuan area, that the Romans bred their very best specimens for the Imperial court. The advent of the sea-going Republic of Amalfi saw the importation of Turkish horses, which, together with the Campania horses, formed the basis for the development of the Napoletano horse,which was prized first as a native horse and then as a thoroughbred. It is raised exclusively in the Campania region, particularly in the province of Naples.
In December 2005 the number of examples registered at the “Registro Anagrafico” (Records Office) was 20 brood-mares and 4 stallions.
Its particular physique makes the horse suitable for riding or drawing medium-weight carriages, and it is ideal for dressage and other disciplines.


Height at the withers (42 months): 150 cm


The Napoletano The Napoletano (photo

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