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Ventasso Horse - Cavallo del Ventasso
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Origins and aptitudes

The name of this population of horses comes from the mountain of the same name located in the high Val d'Enza, in the province of Reggio Emilia, where the presence of horses has been documented from the times of the Duke Ferdinand of Bourbon to those of the Serenissimi Farnese and the Duchy of Maria Louisa of Austria. Even after the unification of Italy and up to the 1940s these lands continued to supply horses to the army. In the last forty years the stud farm of Ramiseto and the Borzacchi-Bertoldi stud have continued with stallions of English derivation and ‘improved’ maremmanos. In the 1960s the Bertoldis used a Lipizzano stallion and an improved maremmano stallion, from which the majority of the oldest brood mares making up the current pase of the Ventasso horse breed derive.
A country horse, rustic, resistant and frugal.


Height at the withers:
- Male: 152 - 164 cm
- Female: 150 - 162 cm


Ventasso horses Ventasso horses

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