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Calabrese Horse - Cavallo Calabrese
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Origins and aptitudes

Ancient breed originating from Calabria and derived from a group of Arabian horses imported from North Africa. During the Bourbon period, it was crossbred with the Andalusian horse and this conferred it elegance in its movements. In more recent times, it went through the influence of the English Thoroughbred, which caused its increase in size, and of the Saleritano horse.  
Every now and then, in order not to lose its original traits, it is bred with Arabian horses.
Temperate and strong, it has a vivacious and docile temperament and is easy to train.
Saddle horse, suitable for equestrian tourism.
Very suitable for jumping; strong, resistant and fast, endowed with great balance.


Height at the withers: 1,60-1,65 cm
Weight: 450 - 500 kg


Calabrese Horse Calabrese Horse

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