Italians breeds

Italian breeds of sheep

Origin and diffusion

indigenous breed local population; is found in the Province of Turin, Piedmont.
The breed is adapted to the local environment (plains and hills).

Morphological and economic characteristics

Size: medium
Height at the withers:
- Male: 75-80 cm
- Female: 65-70 cm
- Male: 65-70 kg
- Female: 60 kg

The colour is dirty white except for the nose, eyes, ears, and legs, which may have black spots. Long ears hang horizontally, and the tail is long and thin. Only rams are horned. The fleece was described as mattress type, 120–150 mm long, with no kemp.
Uses: meat (mainly), milk, wool.

SavoiardaSavoiarda (photo

Savoiarda Savoiarda (photo

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