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Savoiarda - Tarina - Tarantasia
Italian breeds of cattle

Origin and diffusion

The Savoiarda (Tarina or Tarantasia) i san old Italian breed belonging to a branch of the French breed Tarantaise. As to a census of half twentieth century there were about 12,500 heads only in the province of Turin, particularly in Susa Valley.Today this breed has undergone a great decrease, although some heads from the old  Savoiarda breed still survive.

Morphological characteristics

Dark golden red coat shading to tawny, particularly in the young head that have a quite dark colour which gets lighter when growing older. Dark grey wide muzzle, white yellowish elliptical horns with black tip.
- males: 600-800 kg
- females: 400-450 kg

Withers height:
- males: 125-130 cm
- females: 117-122 cm

Economic characteristics

Both apt for milk and meat, prevailing milk production, though.

Savoiarda Savoiarda (photo Laura Grandin)

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