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Rossa Siciliana - Mezzalina and Montanina
Italian breeds of cattle

Origin and diffusion

This breed is made up of various Sicilian cattle breeds from Modicana, also called Mezzalina and Montanina. The origin as well as the present spreading is situated around the Peloritani mountains, the Nebrodi and the Madonie (Sicily), all of them are difficult areas as to climate and food.

Morphological characteristics

Withers height: from 125 to 130 cm.
The colour of the coat is golden red to dark red towards wine red and black.
Horns: short lira-shaped in the heifer, shorter in the male.
Wide muzzle: dark grey or very dark red.

Economic characteristics

Dairy production prevails.

Rossa Siciliana (Mezzalina) - Rossa Siciliana (Montanina) Rossa Siciliana (Mezzalina) - Rossa Siciliana (Montanina)

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