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Origin and diffusion

This breed was obtained in Tuscany (Italy) by crossbreeding and successive crosses between Maremmana and Chianina breeds.
It was extinguished because those breeding areas had been abandoned. Recently the above mentioned crossbreeding has been restored and there are some heads that in any case are not to be considered as a breed but simply a crossbreed between Maremmana and Chianina.
“Pasturina: a modest group of cattle in Casentino area (Arezzo) crossbred between the local Podolica (Maremmana) and the prevailing Chianina. The heads have lyre shaped horns, white coat shading to grey, quite short strong limbs, dark skin. They are mainly apt to labour.” (pag. 518 of “Bovini” – Torino-Ottavio Parisi).

Morphological characteristics


Economic characteristics


Pasturina - Cow Pasturina - Cow (photo

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