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The Salernitano
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Origins and aptitudes

This is a saddle-horse, originally from the plains of Battipaglia, Eboli and Paestum, in the province of Salerno (Campania). It is a very ancient breed, which was improved during the period of Spanish domination by crossing it with Andalusian and Oriental horses. It has also been used to improve Russian breeding stock. The Salernitano horse was once used by the army. In the second half of the nineteenth century it was crossed with pure-bred English horses, which changed its original appearance. It was chosen to help produce special Italian cross-breeds, such as Posillipo, Merano and Fiorello, winners at the Olympics between the years 1956 and 1972.
This is a horse for riding, very popular in equestrian sport and for leisure.


Height at the withers (42 months):
- male 158 cm
- female 150 cm
Weight: 450 - 500 kg


The Salernitano The Salernitano

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