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Anglo-Arab Sardinian horse - Cavallo Anglo-Arabo Sardo
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Origins and aptitudes

Breed of horses originating from Sardinia. Since the Saracen domination of the island, Arab stallions had been crossed with Sardinian mares of smaller size. At the beginning of the 16th century they were used for crosses with Andalucian stallions. In the course of the nineteenth century, thanks to the introduction of English thoroughbreds, the current version of the breed appeared, which is quite different from that of the past, and which has been obtaining excellent results as a showjumper (although it also does well in races).
A saddle horse and light draught animal; a noble bearing.


Height at the withers:  approximately 160 cm.
Weight: 450 - 550 kg.


Anglo-Arab Sardinian horse
Anglo-Arab Sardinian horse

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