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The Bardigiano Horse - Cavallo Bardigiano
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Origins and aptitudes

The place of origin is Bardi (Italy - Emilian Appenines); also known as Bardigiano Pony, it is widespread in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine.
The first horses that populated the valleys of Taro and of Del Ceno were brought to Gallia Belgica during the Roman Era. During the centuries, the breed developed as a mountain horse; in the 15th century, there were attempts to make it more gentle it by cross-breeding it with Arabian-Friulian horses, thus obtaining a horse which was very similar to the one of today. Almost extinct after the First World War. In 1977, a "Regulation for the selection and for the Genealogic Book of the Bardigiano horse" was approved. This sets the breed standard and has the aim of making it homogenous.
Suitable for agricultural works in impervious zones and meat production, nowadays is very much appreciated for equestrian Tourism. Saddle horse.


Height at the withers:
- Male: 138-146 cm
- Female: 134-144 cm
Weight: 250 - 300 kg

Male of Bardigiano Male of Bardigiano (foto dr. Valentino Beretti - University of Parma)

Female of Bardigiano Female of Bardigiano (photo dr. Valentino Beretti - University of Parma)

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