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Origins and aptitudes

This breed originates from, and is spread throughout Puglia: in particular, the Murge region. It can trace its origins to the time of Spanish domination, when Arab, Berber and Andalusian stallions were brought in. But the real development of the Murgese horse was thanks to the Counts of Conversano. They were a family of farsighted nobles who were very adept in choosing horses for importation and careful in selecting those which fitted the needs of the time and the character of the area. The breed was first officially registered in 1926 at the “Deposito Stalloni” (Stallion Registry), which later became the “Istituto di Incremento Ippico di Foggia” (Foggia Institute of Horse Breeding).
The Murgese is a country breed, often reared in grazing herds. Because of its strength and its lively but gentle character, it makes a good saddle-horse. Nowadays, it is most often used for vacational riding and to draw light carriages.


Height at the withers (30 months):
- male 155 -168 cm
- female 150 - 162 cm
Weight: 350 - 400 kg

The Murgese The Murgese (photo Giorgio Soldi

The Murgese The Murgese

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