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Segugio of Cravin - Scenthound of Cravin
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Origin, classification and brief historical summary

Origin: Italy.

It originates from Piedmont and it is a variety of the small Italian hare dog.
It is probably the result of  crossbreeding of Italian scenthounds, among which the “Ciaplin”, a very expert  small tawny short-haired scenthound with white paws and tail end. In the past these dogs were reared by farm hunters
on the Piedmont hills; together with golden or white-orange rough- haired scenthounds from Savoy, probably the Vandean “briquet”, largely present in the Piedmont Alps.
The strict selection, from a functional point of view, as well as the speciality of a few morphological characteristics derived from exceptional examples, have  been able to fix an extremely valid kind of scenthound that dominated on the Piedmont hills between the two wars and even before, and ten years after that.
The recurrent and massive blood exchanges in the Italian scenthound have greatly modified the breed and its application; in fact the examples that still have the original characteristics are very few, unluckily.
The name Cravin does not come from the idea of goat fur, which is not really, rather from the fact that all these dogs had longer and thicker hairs at the elbow and knee, typical of several goats in the Alps.
This was explained to me on various occasions  and places by old hunters at the time of my researches, and it seemed to me quite true.
SISP the Italian Association for Scenthound has created a Committee of experts in order to group some old small and medium sized breeds, still existing in Italy, so as to get the official acknowledgement of the common breed “Piccolo Lepraiolo Italiano”. The best examples are the Appennine type or the Piedmont Cravin , which are different, though, as to colour and fur. The Association in Turin has promoted a group of people, the so-called ”Friends of Cravin” in order to intensify the research in the territory, by organizing meetings, fixing rules and the dog standard. In order to get to the genealogy books ENCI requests at least eight different genealogies.

General appearance

It is a medium small sized dog of a robust aspect emphasized by the thick coat, but a slender built with good muscles and strong bones. As to food it has no special requests. It has a shy and reserved temperament, its presence is unnoticeable, it does not make a fuss and it is happy with little space around.

Working habits

Dynamic, enthusiastic and tireless it fits all kind of ground. Its favourable walk is the trot, while searching, which is light, energetic, easy, alternating with some short galloping. It follows the sure traces scrupulously, it does not waste time on unsure ones; it chooses an initiative, quite rapid and conclusive action. It declares what he has found with vibrant movements of the tail which hits the hips, then through a high sharp expressive voice, broken by some short or long stops when various low moans are heard. It works alone or even better in couple; when in a small group, not bigger than four, it keeps its strong personality, which leads it to an independent sort of work, but he can always be present when needed aside the dog that has worked out or is about to conclude.

Segugio of Cravin Segugio of Cravin (photo

Somatic characters

- males from 47 to 50 cm
- females: a little inferior.

Medium long head, the muzzle length is slightly shorter than the total length of the head. Slightly convex cranium, not narrow, although the width is less than the length. Evident but not so marked the nose-forehead stop. Black truffle. Low developed lips. Sub frontal eye, big, round, brown, very expressive. Its ear is not very long (it hardly reaches the truffle), with a pointed tip, it is held almost flat as the auricle cartilage is quite consistent.
Average position of the legs, slightly oval foot. The tail, never heavy and coarse, is rather short, 1 cm above the withers.
Quite long fur (about 5 cm), a bit rough, covering the body excepted the ears, short-haired, while the legs and the tail have  short thick fur. Light tawny coat turning to golden blond.

by Bruno Ottino - - S.I.P.S. Società Italiana Pro Segugio "Luigi Zacchetti"

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