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Origin and main characteristics

The Valdarno is probably the most discussed breed in the story of poultry.
The Valdarnese has nothing to do with the original Valdarno. The Valdarnese
is the heterozygous result of the crossbreeding of many different breeds, among which is conspicuous the Livorno.
This hybrid was born in 1950’s, appreciate by Prof. Quilici, it never obtained an official standard so that it was never really selected. Since 1999 there are an association (“Agricultori Custodi”) where some farms organised a Protection Agency.
The Valdarnese is excellent when reared free in the countryside: not adapted to intensive production. It’s slaughtered at 5 months. The eggs have an ivory-coloured shell.
(1999 - Fabrizio Focardi - FIAV)


The original Valdarno had pure black livery, instead the Valdarnese is completely white.
The head is quite big, single comb with five points, erect in the cock and folded in the hen. Shanks and skin yellow (the original Valdarno has slate –grey shanks and white skin). >>>

Valdarnese cock and hens Valdarnese cock and hens (photo

Valdarnese hen with chicks Valdarnese hen with chicks (photo

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