Italians breeds

Italian breeds of chickens

Origin and main characteristics

Bantam breed, very common in Veneto and Friuli (North-East Italy). It’s probably the only Bantam rustic breed, used for production.
The Pepoi can be easily reared and it’s a good solution for the production of portion chicken. The breast has good pectoral muscles, excellent for the spit; the meat is very tasty.
Mean laying: 160-180 (rose shell, 40-45 g).
Great broodiness and aptitude to chicks care.


Bantam breed. The livery of adults is black red.
The skin and the shanks are yellow.
The chicks have light-brown down, stripped with dark on the back and on the head.
At 4 months the cockerels and the pullets weighs 0,6-0,7 kg.

Mean weight:
- Cock: 1.3-1.5 kg
- Hen: 1.0-1.1 kg

Sexual maturity: 6th month in male, 5th month in female.

Pépoi cockPépoi cock (photo Veneto Agricoltura - Progetto Co Va)

Pépoi hensPépoi hens (photo Veneto Agricoltura - Progetto Co Va)

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