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Italian breeds of chickens - Breed with standard FIAV

Origin and main characteristics

Very ancient Italian breed, very common in Sicily. It’s probably the result of the ancient crossbreeding between Sicilian chickens and chickens coming from North Africa. Nowadays the Siciliana is in the process of recovery.
The international name is “Siciliana Buttercup”.
Good precocity. The cock starts to show sexual instinct at 40 days, the hen starts laying at 5 months. The eggs have white shell.
Fine-boned, with well developed muscles (thighs and breast), round and well shaped: this breed is a good producer of meat in spite of the small size (tasty meat).
Good layer, with good rusticity but not suitable in cold regions.
The Siciliana has a stray nature, but it doesn’t fly a lot. If reared free on wide superficies, it’s able to find a big part of daily diet. The eggs are white with a typical oblong shape. Minimum weight of 45g, the shell can be from white to cream. Proud aspect, strong and rustic, rarely susceptible to common diseases of chickens.
It’s officially recognised in Italy.


Head of medium size, with cup comb, regularly pointed, with short points. Much more evident in cocks.
Red earlobes, lively and big eyes. Well curved neck, with rich neck hackles. Long wings, worn tight to the body.
Ample tail, long main tail feathers and curved sickles.
Willow-green shanks.
The skin is tender and yellowish.
The plumage is rich and soft, tight to the body and without cushions.
There are different varieties; the Italian Official Standard recognises: the Black Red, Black and White.

Mean weight:
- Cock: 2.0-2.4 kg
- Hen: 1.6-1.8 kg

Main defects: wrong shape, excessively erect tail, white ear lobes, hollows or excrescences on the nape, not developed or folded comb in the cock, excessively thin or long comb points, wrong colour of shanks, feathers on shanks.

Black Red Sicilana cock Black Red Sicilana cock (photo Ongaretto)

Black Red Siciliana hen Black Red Siciliana hen (photo

White Siciliana cock White Siciliana cock (photo

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