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Ermellinata di Rovigo - Columbian of Rovigo
Italian breeds of chickens

Origin and main characteristics

The selection work started in 1959 (and completed in 1965) at the Experimental Poultry Station in Rovigo, a city in Northern Italy. The Sussex and Rhode Island Red contributed to its creation. The aim of the selection was to obtain a good producer of valuable meat and good layer.
The breed is currently well represented at a local level.
Double-purpose breed (meat and eggs).
Good precocity.
The females can be used in the interbreeding for the production of autosexing chicks.


Dual-purpose chicken.
The chicks are yellow with light-grey wings.
Adults have a “ermellinato” livery: white Columbian or light (white livery with dark neck hackles and main tail feathers).
Single comb, red earlobes.
Yellow skin and shanks.
At 120 days, cockerels and pullets reach the weight of 1.7-1.8 kg.
The adult male weighs about 3.5 - 3.7 kg, the female up to 2.4 - 2.5 kg.
The hens lay about 170-190 rosy-shelled eggs a year, of 55-60 g.
Sexual maturity begins at 6-7th month in males and 5-6th month in females.
(The breed is very similar to the Columbian Plymouth Rock).


Trunk: well shaped.
Neck: medium length with rich neck hackles.
Back: ample, horizontal.
Brest: ample and well shaped.
Abdomen: ample
Wings: tight to the body, medium length, horizontal.
Tail: medium length, inclined 30/40°, with many tail feathers of medium length and well curved.
Head: medium size.
Comb: single and erect, with 5-6 points.
Wattles: medium, round and red.
Earlobes: red.
Face: red and smooth.
Eyes: red; yellow is accepted.
Beak: quite strong, slightly curved, yellow with dark tip.
Thighs: medium length, well feathered.
Shanks: medium length, fine-boned, without feathers, yellow.

Hen: smaller than the cock, with accentuated sexual character.

Livery: soft, tight to the body and thick.
Colour: white Columbian (the livery is white with dark spots on neck hackles, tail feathers and flights).

Body with weak or, on the contrary, rough aspect.

Ermellinata di Rovigo coch and hen Ermellinata di Rovigo coch and hen

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