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Millefiori di Lonigo
Italian breeds of chickens

Origin and main characteristics

It has been shown for the first time in 1934 at the Sixteenth Padua Trade Fair by the Itinerant Lonigo Centre for Agricultural Research.
The Millefiori di Lonigo seems to belong to the Megiarola type, to which one may refer for further information.
Some animals have been found in a traditional farm of South-Veneto and they have been studied for two years in order to understand their real nature. Afterwards, the ri-selection of an ancient breed started: the Millefiori di Lonigo.
The most common problems were: rose eggs, red-veined earlobes, erect comb in female.
Many years of disorderly crossbreeding have partly distort the breed, but hopefully the old progeny has not been completely lost.
Typical are the late feathering, similar to Valdarnese, and the rotation on their axis of some feathers of tail and wings, probably as disagreeable consequence of inbreeding.


Livery “millefleur”, single comb, white earlobes, yellow skin and shanks.

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Millefiori di Lonigo cock Millefiori di Lonigo cock (photo Luca Rizzini)

Millefiori di Lonigo hen Millefiori di Lonigo hen (photo Luca Rizzini)

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