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Sarda - Sardinian breed
Italian breeds of swine

Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

This is an Italian breed, which comes from Sardinia. It is very alike the wild boar it often mares with in the underwood or in the scrub where it usually grazes. In 2006 this breed was officially registered among the Italian autochthonous swine breeds.

Morphological characteristics

A small size pig, grown-up weight 70-100 kg. The colour of the coat can be black, grey, tawny, spotted. The bristles are numerous, long and rough, on the dorsal line they make up a mane.
The head is cone-shaped with a straight profile, small ears kept high up or leaning on the side.
Sometimes this pig may have jowls like the Casertana breed

Sarda Sarda

Sarda Sarda (photo Dr Sebastiano Porcu ERA - Istituto Zootecnico e Caseario per la Sardegna)

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