Italians breeds

Italian breeds of swine

Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

According to the opinion of last century’s reliable authors Pugliese swine differ from other breeds in height, strength, sobriety and rustic nature.
Thanks to a plan to the recovery of the breed some rustic pigs (mainly black) were found on the territory; today they are reared in the wild state

Morphological characteristics

The skin was covered by big black bristles, sometimes black with tawny markings, washed away in the tip, especially on the back and on the neck and they were arranged in a crew cut along the back.
Sometimes, however, the coat could also be white spotted or totally white, a dirty white such as to remind ivory white with a black cap at the back side of pelvis.
The head was small and snub, the trunk long and angular, the buttocks, the thighs and the shoulders are underdeveloped and the tail almost always twisted.
The sows are less prolific than northern European breeds, they farrow twice a year with the average of 5-6 weaned piglets.



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