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Cinta Senese
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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

It is a real breed with a long history. It originated in the Siena area precisely around Monteriggioni, Sovicille and Poggibonsi, where until few decades ago about 20.000 were bred, and the same number lived in the provinces nearby. It dates back to 1300 as it is seen in frescoes representing such pigs with a white belt like in present day Cinta pigs. These animals are rustic, excellent at grazing, with good motherly care and breast feeding. Males can reach over kg 150 at the age of one year and females kg 140. Remarkable fat deposit particularly on the back, this breed is free from any defects like PSS, PSE and sour meat. Particularly suitable to grazing, quite frugal.

Morphological characteristics

The colour is black or slate grey with a white belt covering the withers, the shoulders and the lower limbs. The muzzle profile is long and straight, as it is usually found in tardy breeds.
Medium-size (160-180 kg for sows and 200 kg for boars during reproduction).
Quite long solid limbs, typical of good walkers. Medium sized ears, slightly leaning and forward.

Cinta Senese Cinta Senese (photo Mario Giannone)

Cinta Senese Cinta Senese (photo

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