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Pecoraio Siciliano dog
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Origin, classification and brief historical summary

Origin: Italy.

In 1925 the wolf disappeared from Sicily: from that year onward it seems that this ancient Italian breed, which had been applied to contrast the recurrant attacks to the livestock by the wolf, has dramatically gone towards the total extinction.
In 1954 Professor Monatti sustained that he had found out some skulls of this breed getting back to the Bronze Age.
This breed (Cane pecoraio siciliano – cani pecurariscu – Cani di mannara), not recognized any longer, is considered to be the oldest breed in Italy along with the ‘Cirneco dell’Etna’.

General appearance

A medium-sized dog, withers height 55-68 cm, his coat is black with a usual white throat. His fur is long rich and usually wavy with large curls, strong but not too rough. Very easy to movement.

Behaviour and temperament

Extraordinary brave and fearless he is able to face his antagonist, the wolf, without any difficulty. Loyal to his master, he can look after and protect the livestock, being very reliable on work, careful and precise. He is very clever, obedient and not very fussy, so he is easily trained for his work. Incomparable warden.

Cane Pecoraio Siciliano Pecoraio Siciliano dog


At present this breed has almost disappeared or is about extinction, as someone claims to own some typical examples.

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