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Pantelleria Donkey
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Origins and attitudes

An ancient breed from Pantelleria island (well-known in the 1st century a.C.) where it was largely common until some decades ago.
Very strong, this donkey could carry extremely heavy loads around the paths of the island. In the past this breed  represented an important resource for the island and Trapani province. The hybrids (mules) were highly appreciated abroad, too. Also at some time in the past speed races were organized on track and this breed was preferred to horses, as these donkeys were more suitable to be ridden on any kind of ground. Various reasons brought them to almost total extinction, though.
They are very robust animals, with a fast and sure walk when descending rocky paths mainly, thanks to the natural amble walk (they move forwards the limbs of the same side), their comfortable mount and a precocious growth, together with a great physical stamina and toughness to hardships like the lack of drinking water; not least their intelligence. These are the main features of this animal that for a lot of time accompanied the life and the labour of people in Pantelleria. Lively and throbbing temperament.

Morphological characters

Height to the withers: from 125 to 140 cm; in the past some of them may get to 150 cm.

Pantelleria Donkeys Pantelleria Donkeys

Italians breeds of donkeys

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