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The Donkey of Amiata - Asino dell'Amiata
Italian breeds of donkeys

Origins and attitudes

At the end of ‘800 this donkey was well spotted in the area of Amiata mountains in Tuscany, a uniform population of grey coated donkeys with special black and white stripes in the limbs and a scapular cross Thanks to their slender and nimble shape, they could go up to steep and rough mountains. Neurotic and good-natured as well, these donkeys had a large diffusion mainly as recurrent winners in the traditional ‘palio’. Thanks to the Horse Increase Institute at Pisa a group of these donkeys have been preserved with known ascendants and various blood lines.

Morphological characters

Height to the withers (30 months):
- Male: 130-140 cm
- Female: 125-135 cm

The Donkey of Amiata The Donkey of Amiata (photo

Italians breeds of donkeys

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